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Very soon, the „Operation dust to glitter“ at the Volksbühne at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz will be continued. Within a transmedial theater production, we will work together to develop a new city theater concept. Become a member of the „Volksbühne“- collective or contribute to the overall design with your artwork. 

Your concert, your reading, your staging, your performance, your dance, your video installation etc. are intended for a large and progressive public? Then that’s your moment …

This call is for all people who profess to feminism, anti-racism and the demand for equal living conditions for all people.


For several years, a fight has been raging around the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, which is said to have ended. But what does the current situation look like? Once again, there has been a change of director without a co-decision process being initiated.
It is said that hasty decisions have an urgent economic need. Quickly a program had to be put on the legs, which promises the house short-term economic success. All that is clarified by the established, the arrived, the adjusted ones in the back room. This is no longer acceptable for this particular house.
What about all the people who, in September 2017, were ready to collectively play the house and to look for a solution together? And what happens in two years, if the presented program or guest performance concept proves to be economically successful? How could it then be justified to rethink Tim Renner’s platform concept and abolish it? When will the house get back its old name?
This particular theater must stand for progressiveness and radicalism. In Berlin, from the late 1960s, a movement of self-empowerment to create self-organized, collective open spaces grew: living communities, studios, clubs and project houses made the city of Berlin the place of longing for creative minds, that it still is today. In all parts of the population, according to recent surveys (Forsa 06/18), there is great sympathy for that kind of self-empowerment.
As these free spaces are now gradually and more and more consistently ousted, the Volksbühne can only resist and make a statement against this development by becoming itself a free space. It has to be conceived together, because so far there is no state theater in Germany that has ever gone this way: Commoning.
Then and only then the Volksbühne will be a resistant place within the gentrified center of Berlin. All other concepts meant the classification into the neoliberal mainstream and thus the death of art in this house. Strict hierarchies are a relic of militarism and must be overcome. A society of opportunists is doomed. 


The Volksbühne must stand against precarization, isolation, re-fascization as well as the continuing gender injustice. The announced program is again dominated in a ratio of 4:1 by male artists.
The politicized working class, which once started the Volksbühne with the worker’s penny (Arbeitergroschen), almost doesn’t exist any more. Instead, a precarious underclass struggles around the subsistence level. The prospects are bad. The academic precariat at universities, art and theater professionals, freelancers from the so-called creative scene share the poverty segment with the exploited from the service industry, retirees, overburdened students, refugees, single parents, etc.
Some politicians, privileged artists and theater artists seem to have lost their external perspective as part of their own careerism. In an age in which even pilots are employed as fictitious self-employed and get social help in wintertime, traditional concepts of elitism must be reconsidered. In neoliberalism there are winners and losers. The Volksbühne must be a place for the losers and thus for the majority!


Out of a political, artistic and humanistic need, we will therefore launch the next phase of the Operation Dust to Glitter. At Day-X we will continue our transmedial production in the premises of the Volksbühne. We invite the progressive urban community, within a work of art, to develop a new city theater concept that concerns us all.
We turn to those who no longer tolerate hyper-consumption and the systemic exploitation of humans and nature. We turn to all who see themselves deprived of their self-determined future. We turn to all those who want to venture the step out of the hamster wheel to draw on the wealth of alternatives.
We are in the tradition of those who financed, built and operated this house independently over 100 years ago. We want to shake the Volksbühne from the current bourgeois exclusivity and make it into a collaborative project for which we stand united. We invite you again to use this special building on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz as a great stage for the political renegotiation of urban development, for artistic creation (production) and creative intervention. It is about the recovery of public space in a decade of privatization and commercialization. Once again we together will put a spotlight on collective beauty.


It is still much more than the question of suitable leadership for any theater. It’s about the questions: In what kind of city do we want to live? In what circumstances do we want to work and live? And what role could a city theater play in this? We want to search for answers together, because the Volksbühne has become a symbol for urban development as a whole.
Our city was sacrificed to a global financial elite and the elite attacked. Today, Berlin has charted a path that has already been followed by other European metropolises: a path of repression, of exclusion, of breaking up any sense of community. Exorbitant rents and unsafe working conditions lead to existential anxiety, paralysis, resignation and isolation. This shock is to break up together and take action against the total social division in poor and rich!


During the concept-finding work in working groups, plenary sessions and committees to be jointly planned, the Volksbühne should once again be your stage: your productions, performances, readings, concerts, sculptures, photographs, workshops, paintings belong to this theater and to the public. Artistic works within the operation will not be collected, censored or cut in content.
The house needs an ensemble again, with which we can enter into a relationship, an ensemble that understands our concerns. We can not leave the setup to people who look at us us disparagingly and kind of disgusted from a superior position. That would not do justice to this particular theater.
Dust to glitter sees itself as an „enabler collective“, as a facilitator. We do not want to lead or dominate this common path, but rather retreat as quickly as possible and form a new collective with you as equal among the same. For a quick reducing of hierarchies in relation to our knowledge advantage, we ask you to sign in, as far as possible, before Day-X for work groups or services such as Program, Press, Parliament for the homeless, Social Media, Hackspace, Awareness, Documentation, Security, Küfa (kitchen for all), Technology, Crewcare etc. and to come to the upcoming preparatory meetings. We want to create a space free of hierarchies. This is a lot of work and takes time. It is important that we also encounter each other in the dissent with mindfulness. Insults of people, homophobia, racist or female contemptuous statements, violence and vandalism in this listed building in any form are not accepted and lead to exclusion. 
Dust to glitter is a queer collective. A commitment to feminism, anti-racism and the demand for equal living conditions for all people are therefore indispensable for participating in the operation. For all committees and working groups, a female quota of at least 50% is estimated. At working groups or plenary meetings, action will be taken to significantly increase the proportion of women speaking. Together we also want to develop concepts against age discrimination and to ensure comprehensive accessibility.


Numerous national and international theaters, city- and tenant initiatives, people from the artscene and scienctists promote our artistic intervention. Since the past year, dust to glitter has grown, as well as the number of cooperation partners. We are pleased that finally projects can be implemented, which were already planned for 2017. It is going to be great!
Our focus is on political and artistic groups opposing renationalisation efforts in Europe. We seek a Europe that no longer increases its wealth through the exploitation of people and environment. We reject the inhumane erection and murderous security of walls, borders and fences. The asylum legislation is in this form a shame für all of us. We must no longer accept the isolation of Europe and stand up for solidarity and commoning.
Working with you was and is breathtakingly beautiful. Despite the devastating social developments, you glittered and spread hope. Do not be intimidated by defamation in the press. Let’s show them what a city theater looks like when it is supported by a true community of solidarity. Let’s show them alternatives in the age of lack of alternatives. Let’s show them the beauty of radicalism. We are many. We are the good! Let’s make theater.
In implementing our performative and participatory work of art, we refer to Art. 5, Paragraph 3 of the Civil Code – the freedom of art – and demand a house right for our collective work.


On our new homepage www.staubzuglitzer.de you will find the overall concept of our artistic intervention. Please inform yourself thoroughly, so that misunderstandings do not arise at all. If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal. We insanely look forward to you.
Mail: vbb-koop@riseup.net
Mobile: +49 152 17805578
***Dust to Glitter***

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