You are invited! 

Very soon, the „Operation dust to glitter“ at the Volksbühne at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz will be continued. Within a transmedial theater production, we will work together to develop a new city theater concept. Become a member of the „Volksbühne“- collective or contribute to the overall design with your artwork. 

Your concert, your reading, your staging, your performance, your dance, your video installation etc. are intended for a large and progressive public? Then that’s your moment …

This call is for all people who profess to feminism, anti-racism and the demand for equal living conditions for all people.


For several years, a fight has been raging around the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, which is said to have ended. But what does the current situation look like? Once again, there has been a change of director without a co-decision process being initiated.
It is said that hasty decisions have an urgent economic need. Quickly a program had to be put on the legs, which promises the house short-term economic success. All that is clarified by the established, the arrived, the adjusted ones in the back room. This is no longer acceptable for this particular house.
What about all the people who, in September 2017, were ready to collectively play the house and to look for a solution together? And what happens in two years, if the presented program or guest performance concept proves to be economically successful? How could it then be justified to rethink Tim Renner’s platform concept and abolish it? When will the house get back its old name?
This particular theater must stand for progressiveness and radicalism. In Berlin, from the late 1960s, a movement of self-empowerment to create self-organized, collective open spaces grew: living communities, studios, clubs and project houses made the city of Berlin the place of longing for creative minds, that it still is today. In all parts of the population, according to recent surveys (Forsa 06/18), there is great sympathy for that kind of self-empowerment.
As these free spaces are now gradually and more and more consistently ousted, the Volksbühne can only resist and make a statement against this development by becoming itself a free space. It has to be conceived together, because so far there is no state theater in Germany that has ever gone this way: Commoning.
Then and only then the Volksbühne will be a resistant place within the gentrified center of Berlin. All other concepts meant the classification into the neoliberal mainstream and thus the death of art in this house. Strict hierarchies are a relic of militarism and must be overcome. A society of opportunists is doomed. 



Ihr Lieben! Nicht vergessen… jeder zweite Montag ist Kulturkombüsentag. Ihr werdet wieder bekocht, (29.10.18) ab 19:00 Uhr in der Küfa im Drugstore, Potsdamer Str 180.


Mindestens 7000 Kinder in Berlin sind wohnungslos. 7000!
„Selbst Mütter, die arbeiten, leben auf der Straße.
Die obdachlosen Familien kommen mittlerweile aus allen Schichten. Selbst Mütter, die arbeiten, leben heute so prekär, dass sie teilweise mit Säuglingen aus ihren Wohnungen geworfen werden.“ Geworfen!
Mütter mit Säuglingen aus Wohnungen werfen in einem verrückt reichen Staat ist übrigens auch ein Verbrechen, wenn diese Mütter keiner Erwerbsarbeit nachgehen.